Prize Evaluation

The SuperEnalotto prize category can change depending on if playing the main draw or including the extra option known as the SuperStar. There are 6 prize categories to win when playing the main draw. There are an additional 8 prize categories when accompanied by the SuperStar. In total there are 14 ways to win a prize in SuperEnalotto. The overall odds to win a main prize are 1 in 22 for main prize. When added to the SuperStar the prize odds increase. The chances to win the SuperStar only is 1 in 138.

Prizes vary according to the draw. If the jackpot has been previously won in the last draw the prize reserve is added to the prize pot. Minimum jackpot prizes start at €2 million euros but this increases according to the prize reserve. If the two previous draw have been won consecutively then the minimum starts without the prize reserve. Depending on how long the jackpot has lasted without being won means that reserve prize fund will be larger than average.

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How to Win Prizes

Prizes can be won by by matching either 2 main numbers or matching the SuperStar on a valid ticket. The jackpot prize is available to anyone that matches the 6 main numbers with the possibility of a larger prize fund if the SuperStar has also been matched.

Below you can find all the prize categories available in the SuperEnalotto draw.

CategoryPrize PercentageOdds of Winning
6 numbersCurrent Jackpot1:622,614,630
5 numbers + JollyEst. according to the draw1:103,769,105
5 numbersEst. according to the draw1:1,250,230
4 numbersEst. according to the draw1:11,907
3 numbersEst. according to the draw1:327
2 numbersEst. according to the draw1:22

SuperStar Prizes

You can add a SuperStar number to your lottery slip for an extra chance to win with increased prizes.

You are guaranteed to win a prize if you match the SuperStar number with the one drawn.

CategoryPrize PercentageOdds of Winning
6 numbers + SuperstarCurrent Jackpot + €2 Million1:56,035,316,700
5 numbers + Jolly + SuperstarEst. according to the draw + €1 Million1:9,339,219,450
5 numbers + SuperstarMatch 5 prize x 251:112,520,716
4 numbers + SuperstarMatch 4 prize x 1001:1,071,626
3 numbers + SuperstarMatch 3 prize x 1001:29,404
2 numbers + Superstar€1001:1936
1 numbers + Superstar€101:303